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ARANYAK BANERJEE, a new age soldier in the world of photography having many ultra modern photographical equipments in his armoury, started his journey in this industry in 2004. As a resident of Howrah, he always use to take the geographical advantages visiting the ‘CITY OF JOY’ and also the suburbs and rural of Bengal since his childhood.


Aranyak, basically a serious lover of Calcutta since long. As his brought up in boarding based education, the love of reading different kind of books was generated from his initial days. As a result , book-worm Aranyak fallen in love with whole of the Bengal. On the one hand , History related books made little Aranyak interested over Calcutta , once a British Colony now a metropolis , and , the literatures of many eminent Bengali writers like great Bibhuti Bhusan , Rabindra Nath Tagore , Tara Sankar etc. Help him to grow interest over culture , rituals and nature of Bengal.  On the other hand, needless to say that , being a river-side resident , the heart of the Calcutta and Howrah that is river Ganges played a integral roll in Aranyak’s life , imagination and creation.


Being a sincere student in school-days , Aranyak had the option to take many of the careers with full of prosperity. But , he is not the greatest believer of traditional rat-racism . As a result , being a sensitive and creative person he opted his career as a professional photographer which is his passion since long.



Aranyak Banerjee’s photography world is not limited in Kolkata or Howrah only. His fare of work is extended in whole of the India. Along with his efficient team of photographers, he is attached with the Ceremonial Photography, Event Photography, Fashion Photography, Portfolio Photography, Creative Photography , Travel Photography, Nature Photography etc. His owned captured photographs displayed severally in different photo exhibitions of different parts of India. His efficiency regarding photography created a difference space among the photo-lovers. What’s new is that , he is dealing with the corporate sectional photography in difference part of India, now a days keeping intact the other wings of photography of his fare.